Artist: Joshua Thelin

Creative expression seeks an outlet regardless of its final form. The world around us is made of layers - layers of color, layers of sound, layers of thoughts, layers of vibration - all of these combine to create the textured existence I try to capture through paint.

Inspiration: The inspiration can come from anywhere. Living in one of the fastest growing cities in the country is a constant inspiration - the creative force of a place like Austin, whether from its natural beauty or its overwhelming growth or the energy of its people - you can feel it pulsing all around you. The complex feelings of love and marriage are something I work out through figures. What it feels like to be a father raising sons in this world - this often finds its way onto the canvas.


Process: It all starts with a kind of internal vibration. As I build the canvas, that vibration hums along getting stronger or weaker as the canvas comes together. As for paint, right now, it's oil that gives me the textures I need to create the layers - sometimes dense and chunky, sometimes light and featherlike. When is it done? The painting always lets me know when it's finished.